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Flamingo Beach Realty Strengthens Its Operation In Guanacaste





• We offer a 100% customized service as part of
our quality seal.
• Complimentary support and advice
• Exceptional Service. Genuine Care.


This Canadian-born firm began operations in Costa
Rica in 2014, when Melanie Engel and Dr. Michael
Engel moved with their family to Flamingo Beach in
the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.


During these years, Flamingo Beach Realty (FBR),
has grown steadily and has consolidated as one of
the best real estate options in the areas of Playa
Flamingo, Conchal, and Tamarindo.


During its existence, FBR has brokered more than
75 properties. In the last year, FBR was directly
involved in brokering 39 properties, ranging from a
one-bedroom $90,000US condo in Potrero to
$2,700,000US beachfront home in Langosta.
Thanks to this constant growth, Flamingo Beach
Realty strengthened its operations in Guanacaste,
integrating new agents to its team, and currently has
7 agents of very high caliber.


The company's service offerings range from
representing Buyers and Sellers in real estate
transactions in residential and commercial
properties, and in property management and
planning adventure tours.


Passion in What We Do


For those who have had the opportunity to work
with Flamingo Beach Realty, they know that the
spirit of service of those who work in the company
is a very important factor, since they always have
the client as the center of all their activities.
From their own experience, the Engels know that
relocating, investing, and buying a home in a
foreign country comes with its own set of
complexities, which is why they strive to make the
process as easy and satisfying as possible for their


Melanie and her team are well known for going the
an extra mile and providing a personal touch to the
service offered to each customer.
Besides adding passion to each project, the firm is
endorsed by the experience of Mrs. Engel - who is
the heart of the company - with almost 30 years
experience in running her own businesses, and
over 3 years of business experience in the Costa
Rican real estate market.


In recent weeks, misleading
the information has been circulated
about Mrs. Melanie Engel by the
Costa Rica Global Association of
Realtors (CRGAR), in which it is
pointed out that Mrs. Engel
committed serious acts against
the professional ethics of real
estate, and that’s why the CRGAR
has sanctioned it. For this reason,
Flamingo Beach Realty wishes to
clarify to its clients, strategic allies
and the general public:
· In Costa Rica, the exercise of
Real Estate is not regulated by
any state entity; there is no
legislation on this subject.
· In order to work as a real
estate broker, it is not
necessary to belong to any
Chamber or Association since
in the absence of regulation,
they are not binding.
· CRGAR is a private entity with

 voluntary affiliation. The

decisions are taken by the
CRGAR concern only at
internal level, therefore the
alleged sanctions imposed on
Mrs. Engel does not have any
legal implications, nor do they
affect her professional
practice, nor do they affect the
work of Flamingo Beach
· As of today, Melanie Engel
and her team of lawyers is
unaware of the details of the
alleged sanctions imposed by
the CRGAR, as they have
been denied access to the file
for assessment, analysis and
review as it has been made
confidential even for her.
· Mrs. Engel and the members
of Flamingo Beach Realty are
respectful of national and
international laws and have
high moral and ethical values.


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